Port State Inspection

The Port State Control, aims to verify whether foreign flag vessels calling at a port of a state, comply with applicable international maritime conventions. When vessels are not found in compliance with applicable laws or relevant convention requirements, the Port State Control system imposes actions to ensure that they are made compliant. Ships to be inspected are selected on the basis of criteria outlined in the MOU and a non-discriminatory policy is observed.

We provide services at all the ports in India with our main operations bases in the Kandla, Mundra and Sikka ports in Gujarat.

The Various certificates which are supported under the Port State Control service include:

Port State Inspection

LifeRaft Servicing & Certification Co2 & Foam System Servicing & Certification
Portable Fire Extinguishers Servicing & Certification O2 Analysers,Gas Monitors & ODM Servicing & Certification
LSA & FFA Supplies to SOLAS and National Maritime Regulation Navigational Charts & Publications