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Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer Bonded Dairy Products
Bonded Frozen Fish Bonded Meat Products (Ham, Bacon, Sausage, etc…)
Bonded Meats (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cured, etc…) Bonded Tinned Fish (Stabburet & Others)
Bonded Tinned Meat (Stabburet & Others) Bread/Cake/Pastry
Butter, Cheese Domestic Cereals
Coffee, Cocoa, Tea Condiments
Dressing and Vinegar Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream
Fish (Salted, Dried, Smoked) Food Color, Essence
Fresh/Frozen Fish Fresh/Frozen Fruits
Fresh/Frozen Vegetables Grains, Cake Mix
Oil and Fat Pasta and Noodle
Pickles, Western & Oriental Pudding, Gelatin
Salt and Sugar Sauce and Gravy, Sauce Mix
Seasoning and Flavor, Bouillon Shell Fish / Molluscus
Spices and Herbs Syrup
Dairy-Products-Butter-Chees-Eggs-Milk-Yogurt Meat-Beef-Pork-Lamb-Poultry-Cured Bonded-Tinned-Meat Coffee
Condiments Fresh-Frozen-Vegetables Fresh-Frozen-Fruits Shell-Fish-Molluscus
Pasta Fish-Salted-Dried-Smoked Dressing-Vinegar Grains